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We bridge the gap between IT & Security, providing maximum protection to our clients!  Keel Tech brings experience from small business owners, Fortune 200 technology management teams, government, and corporate leadership to businesses of all sizes & industries.

Keel Tech Cyber

IT Solutions
Remote and onsite support services with Microsoft 365, firewalls, networking, endpoint support and managed services.  Designed for full operational support keeping devices running & optimized. Our initial assessments lead to a forward plan for your IT environment.
Do you know what vulnerabilities are in your organization? Do you have state or industry compliance regulations? 
Keel Tech can come alongside your IT personnel to enhance your security and remediate vulnerabilities with our tailored action plans.
Cyber Security
Fully integrate ironclad security seamlessly alongside your IT infrastructure.  Keel Tech delivers flexible, reliable, and scalable operational network support for
today & the future. Our expert services will be delivered via a fixed cost managed device/user model.

Services Are Our Superpower

The managed service model allows your staff to focus on running the business while offloading IT operations to a trusted partner. Imagine no longer needing to manage the operational support of IT resources with the Keel Tech team at the helm!

Our team at Keel provides enterprise level networking capabilities to small business.
Stay ahead of the threat matrix with our seasoned pros defending your digital assets.
We configure custom firewalls to secure your IT operations.
Data Protection
Keel Tech gives you the peace of mind, with all of your data silos accounted and guarded.
Office 365
Let Keel Tech configure and deliver the latest Office 365 packages and protections.
Active Directory
Allow you team full controls to add and updates users within our secure framework.
Phone Stations
Integrate your organization's phone systems with your IT infrastructure for seamless security.
Workstation Management
Remote help desk support 24-7 with off-site monitoring will provide optimal operations for any size team.

Video Resources

Network Security

Would you feel safe leaving your front door unlocked? Of course not. The same goes for your computer. At Keel Tech Solutions, we make sure your home network is always locked, and secure, so you can keep your peace of mind about what matters most. Click the link to view our service plan subscriptions! 

Our 3D Sandtable

This is a sand pile in a box. Add a graphics card in a computer, Xbox 360 connect program and a projector. Now students at Second Baptist School are able to have hands on learning, physically playing with elevations, to study many different aspects of geology from elementary to upper school lessons. #makelearningfun #sandtable

A Robust IT & Security Service Set 

Keel Tech Cyber is steered by seasoned IT professionals who understand the challenge grid facing today's SMB's leadership.   We've seen the painful disconnect between IT & Security implementation and bridge that gap for our clients!  In a fixed price managed service model, IT costs are predictable. Cost containment can be measured in the reduction of formal education and training for employees, coverage during employee absence, health care and employee benefit packages, outsourcing for required additional experts/specific skills, as well as many other areas!
Office 365
Data Protection
Active Directory
Phone Systems
Workstation Management

About Keel Tech Cyber

Originating from our leaders experience in large industry cyber security, Keel Tech has pioneered a unique approach, interweaving IT and security operations specific to your organization.  Keel Tech offers four interrelated services - all are focused on managing business and cyber risk. Information Technology Support, Managed Services, Cybersecurity, Compliance and Regulations. We take our knowledge and experience of cybersecurity and match it with controls in national and state specific compliance and cyber laws. 

As part of our assessment process, we provide recommend steps toward remediation as well as a managed solution to deliver remediation for the client. Our goal is to help the company execute a plan of action to achieve their security and compliance goals.

We bridge the gap between IT & Security, providing maximum protection to our clients! Keel Tech brings experience from small business owners, Fortune 200 technology management teams, government, and corporate leadership to businesses of all sizes in all industries. 

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Managed network services provides the efficiency of centralized IT; 24x7 monitoring and support (on-call), with the high touch of a dedicated network operations center (NOC).

    Security Awareness Training

    The team at Keel Tech Cyber provides wide-ranging security training for organizations of all sizes.    Focusing on best-practices, assessing threat & risk levels, our specialists also provide real world scenarios for fully active training onsite at your facility!  We care about the protection of your data are available for your special engagements!

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